"Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy in mind, spirit and body"
Your class is wonderful physically, mentally, and socially
Great, upbeat, and fun motivational classes for women of all ages
I look forward to class every week. It makes me breathe easier and puts that extra bounce in my step
Clear instructions and modifications are made to ensure that we don’t injure ourselves
Beth is a fitness instructor who really cares if you are “getting it.” She is sincere and welcoming. I look forward to our classes together
I enjoy the journey towards health and fitness with Beth. The classes are friendly and welcoming to all fitness levels. Yoga under the stars is the ultimate outdoor experience for the body and soul
Statistics show that most people during the last year have gained weight. People are home, they are moving less, they are depressed. I have been so blessed because I have the right support system in place to encourage me throughout this new journey. I have a friend and mentor in my trainer Beth Taubes, who is patient and willing to put up with my “crazy” life and keep moving me forward! Since COVID started we have met twice a week on Zoom, for sixty minutes each. I am still losing weight. I am moving in ways I never thought possible, faster than I ever thought possible
I was scared that I would fail…I was overweight, I had bad knees, hips, and ankles - basically, I could find every excuse possible to fail. But I needed someone whom I could trust, and I knew that Beth was the one...Truth be told, at first, I couldn’t even get out of the chair! We “worked out” slowly, sitting and barely moving. She encouraged me over the months, telling me not to give up. I began, little by little, gaining more strength and stamina. Slowly we moved from the chair to standing and down to the mat!

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