Weekly Group Classes

Our classes include Wakeup and Workout, Yoga Under the Stars and Wellness Workout. Click here to view more details + the schedule.

Nutritional Services

One of my goals for my clients is to create a healthy, not diet centered relationship with food! One of our objectives in working together is to become an educated consumer, avoid fad diets, and make mindful educated decisions about what you want to eat. Eating foods that support you physically and emotionally does not need to be complicated. I will educate you to help you begin to shift to healthier food and beverage choices, with an emphasis on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins and low-fat milk products. Most of your food choices should be packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients and taste delicious! You will learn how what you eat has an impact on how you feel! I will work with your individual food preferences, and create a nutrition program that is mindful, easy to follow and enjoyable.

Personal, Strength, Balance Training, Functional Aging, Yoga and TAI Chi

Movement and exercise are some of the keys to maintaining your health and keeping your body in optimum shape.    As your health and fitness coach, I will help build an exercise program that is right for you. I have helped people of all ages, 10 – 85 years old, become more confident and feel stronger. For people over 65, I offer functional aging exercises to help decrease falls, increase muscle tone and provide effective exercises that will enable you to function longer in life.

I offer group fitness classes for women of all ages and abilities, such as total body fitness with weights, and yoga  for those of you that would prefer a group setting, or one on one training for those of you that would prefer more individualized attention.  I will help you find an exercise program that fits your lifestyle and budget.

You may have heard about the many benefits of yoga, but have never tried it, or you had a negative experience with a first- and one-time yoga class. I will guide and support you in a safe yoga practice that you will fall in love with!  Yoga is a way of living that aims towards ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body. One of the reasons that many of my clients start a yoga practice is to improve their body. Your body will change from consistently practicing yoga. Your muscles will become longer, and leaner; and you may lose body fat and inches. Yoga also helps you become more in tune with how you feel and with what is going on inside our bodies and minds. You’re never too old, too out of shape, too inflexible, to do yoga. On the contrary if you feel you are too anything – then you can benefit from yoga. Let me introduce you to the many benefits of yoga including but not limited to improvement in balance, muscle strength, stress reduction, relief for back pain. Learn to slow down and breathe.

Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion," but it might well be called “medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health. The movements in Tai Chi are never forced, the muscles are relaxed, the joints are not extended or bent. Tai chi is excellent for stress reduction, balance, strength, and flexibility. I can incorporate Tai Chi into your fitness plan – you will thank me!


Cancer Care

Before, During, and After Treatment: The cancer treatment options your doctor recommends depend on the type and stage of cancer, possible side effects, and your personal preferences and overall health. I can offer guidance to help you navigate the system, understand medical terminology, explain your pathology report, radiology reports treatment and possible clinical trial options. I can assist you in maintaining and creating your optimum health before, during and after treatment, by constructing a personalized health plan.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Studies have shown that people who lead healthier lives have higher levels of productivity at work, use fewer sick days, and in general are happier at their jobs. It is thus in the best interests of companies to encourage their employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Wellness Motivations offers smaller companies a unique opportunity to provide a comprehensive, individualized program to their staff. Research has shown that in order for such a program to be successful, senior managers need to consider making health and wellness a priority in the company’s culture. We will work with your management team to create wellness activities that are convenient and easily accessible for all staff members. We will also provide education about nutrition, movement, and sleep along with the tools and support to enable your employees to improve their physical activity, increase their consumption of healthier foods, lower fat intake, and reduce body weight, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Your staff will thank you – and your company will benefit as well!


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